DBS Q121 Result Analysis – What to do with your shares?

DBS was the first bank to release its results 2 weeks ago and it reported a blowout result where its quarterly net profit crossed $2 billion for the first time despite revenue declining 4% YoY. Many investors wonder whether there is still room for capital appreciation as its shares are up 17% YTD. In this [...]

Portfolio Reveal – Peep into the 21 Year Old’s Investment Portfolio

From applying POSB Invest Saver to opening a brokerage account with Maybank Kim Eng at a young age of 18, I realise that I have been in the stock market for more than 3 years. Not knowing my investment style at such a young age, my portfolio has evolved tremendously and I am pleased to reveal my portfolio today!

I Sold Koufu, Here’s Why

It is funny how previously I wrote about why I bought Koufu and here I am after more than one year, writing why I sold Koufu. If you have yet to read more about Koufu, you may refer to this post where I shared about the reasons why I bought Koufu.  I sold Koufu in [...]

DBS Result Analysis – Should You Continue To Hold DBS?

Following up on an article published in September on my page, shares of the three listed banks rose at least 24%, with DBS rising 29%. In this article, we will cover DBS’ financial result, released on 10 February 2021 and look into the outlook given by the company. This article will guide you in deciding [...]

Low Interest Rate Environment – Should You Still Buy Banks?

Ask around investors who recently bought banks - be it DBS, OCBC or UOB. Many would say that they bought Banks because it offers an attractive dividend yield of more than 5% (before dividend cap) in this low interest rate environment. Many complain that REITs, once loved by dividend investors, now offer low dividend yield, [...]

Post SATS Financial Result Analysis

In the world of investing, there will be a small group of investors who believe in buying beaten down stocks as they see value in them. COVID-19 is an unprecedented event that affected most of the industries and the aviation industry is one of them that is severely impacted by the pandemic.  According to the [...]

SGX Analysis – Record Profit, What’s Next?

SGX had its ups and downs this year. It rebounded strongly from its March lows of $8.06 to hit a 5 year high of $10.39 in one month. One month later after hitting all time high, it announced that it is reducing its licence agreement with MSCI from February 2021. Both MSCI and SGX will [...]

ComfortDelGro Analysis – An Overrated Recovery?

In my previous article, I wrote that I am continuously looking to buy defensive stocks such as Sheng Siong, ComfortDelGro, SBS Transit, Koufu and the telecommunication stocks such as Netlink Trust and Singtel. As of now, I have yet to initiate position in Netlink Trust (in my watchlist) as I felt the valuation is still [...]

Reasons why I bought Koufu

It has been quite some time since I last updated this blog. I enlisted into National Service one month ago and the last stock I bought before I enlist was Koufu. There wasn’t time for me to write my thoughts about this purchase. Since it is the long National Day holiday, I might as well [...]

Singtel Analysis – Walkthrough of all businesses of Singtel

Singtel Analysis – Walkthrough of all businesses of Singtel

Singtel is well-liked by many investors. However, it has not been a great year investing in Singtel when it is down about 14%. Singtel is my first investment in 2018 and I have been holding it since then and it is not making any returns for me except the 5.6% dividend yield. To be honest, [...]