Portfolio Reveal – Peep into the 21 Year Old’s Investment Portfolio

From applying POSB Invest Saver to opening a brokerage account with Maybank Kim Eng at a young age of 18, I realise that I have been in the stock market for more than 3 years. Not knowing my investment style at such a young age, my portfolio has evolved tremendously and I am pleased to reveal my portfolio today!

I Sold Koufu, Here’s Why

It is funny how previously I wrote about why I bought Koufu and here I am after more than one year, writing why I sold Koufu. If you have yet to read more about Koufu, you may refer to this post where I shared about the reasons why I bought Koufu.  I sold Koufu in [...]

DBS Result Analysis – Should You Continue To Hold DBS?

Following up on an article published in September on my page, shares of the three listed banks rose at least 24%, with DBS rising 29%. In this article, we will cover DBS’ financial result, released on 10 February 2021 and look into the outlook given by the company. This article will guide you in deciding [...]

Low Interest Rate Environment – Should You Still Buy Banks?

Ask around investors who recently bought banks - be it DBS, OCBC or UOB. Many would say that they bought Banks because it offers an attractive dividend yield of more than 5% (before dividend cap) in this low interest rate environment. Many complain that REITs, once loved by dividend investors, now offer low dividend yield, [...]

Post SATS Financial Result Analysis

In the world of investing, there will be a small group of investors who believe in buying beaten down stocks as they see value in them. COVID-19 is an unprecedented event that affected most of the industries and the aviation industry is one of them that is severely impacted by the pandemic.  According to the [...]

SGX Analysis – Record Profit, What’s Next?

SGX had its ups and downs this year. It rebounded strongly from its March lows of $8.06 to hit a 5 year high of $10.39 in one month. One month later after hitting all time high, it announced that it is reducing its licence agreement with MSCI from February 2021. Both MSCI and SGX will [...]

ComfortDelGro Analysis – An Overrated Recovery?

In my previous article, I wrote that I am continuously looking to buy defensive stocks such as Sheng Siong, ComfortDelGro, SBS Transit, Koufu and the telecommunication stocks such as Netlink Trust and Singtel. As of now, I have yet to initiate position in Netlink Trust (in my watchlist) as I felt the valuation is still [...]

Reasons why I bought Koufu

It has been quite some time since I last updated this blog. I enlisted into National Service one month ago and the last stock I bought before I enlist was Koufu. There wasn’t time for me to write my thoughts about this purchase. Since it is the long National Day holiday, I might as well [...]

Singtel Analysis – Walkthrough of all businesses of Singtel

Singtel Analysis – Walkthrough of all businesses of Singtel

Singtel is well-liked by many investors. However, it has not been a great year investing in Singtel when it is down about 14%. Singtel is my first investment in 2018 and I have been holding it since then and it is not making any returns for me except the 5.6% dividend yield. To be honest, [...]

Analysis of Netlink NBN Trust

Analysis of Netlink NBN Trust

According to the statistics computed by Stocks.Cafe, Netlink NBN Trust is the most popular business trust among Stocks.Cafe users. We understand how Netlink NBN Trust operates in a monopolistic and regulated industry. Looking at the share price chart of Netlink, we can tell that it didn’t move much ever since it IPO in 2017. Since [...]