Revised Syfe Cash+ Review – How does it compare to the rest now?

Revised Syfe Cash+ Review – How does it compare to the rest now?

The banks did it again. In just a few months, several popular savings accounts had their interest rates cut multiple times. For example, Standard Chartered’s Jumpstart account, an account which I have been using since late 2019 had its interest rate cut twice from 2% to 0.4% in months. OCBC 360, OCBC’s flagship savings account [...]

Best Savings Products in Singapore (April 2021)

Banks have been reducing interest rates for savings account in hopes of saving its own NIM. Recently, several savings products popped up to meet the needs of high yield savers. In this article, we will discuss the feasibility in using such products as an alternative to your usual savings account.

Portfolio Reveal – Peep into the 21 Year Old’s Investment Portfolio

From applying POSB Invest Saver to opening a brokerage account with Maybank Kim Eng at a young age of 18, I realise that I have been in the stock market for more than 3 years. Not knowing my investment style at such a young age, my portfolio has evolved tremendously and I am pleased to reveal my portfolio today!

Low Interest Rate Environment – Should You Still Buy Banks?

Ask around investors who recently bought banks - be it DBS, OCBC or UOB. Many would say that they bought Banks because it offers an attractive dividend yield of more than 5% (before dividend cap) in this low interest rate environment. Many complain that REITs, once loved by dividend investors, now offer low dividend yield, [...]

Banks’ Dividend – Cash or Scrip?

The pandemic has resulted in the majority of the companies in the world to report less revenue and earnings. Banks’ earnings are under pressure this year especially from the fact that The Federal Reserve made the bold move of slashing interest rates to combat the impact of the pandemic to the economy. This resulted in [...]

Interview with Frugal Youth Invests by Financially Independent Pharmacist

I am honoured to be interviewed by Financially Independent Pharmacist recently. In this interview, I share about my Personal Finance and Investing journey.

10 Lessons Learnt from Mr Market: Part 2

This is a two part series where I consolidated all my reflection and lessons learnt into two posts. You may refer to the first part over here. This is so that it will be easier for one to refer to and hopefully these lessons learnt  so that it will be easier for one to refer [...]