Are we incurring more cost in hopes of saving Dividend Withholding Tax with Ireland-Domiciled ETFs?

Investing and performing Dollar Cost Averaging on Ireland-domiciled ETFs is getting popular nowadays among investors in Singapore. I will get my hands dirty in exploring the savings that we might recognise if we make the switch. 

Best Savings Products in Singapore

Banks have been reducing interest rates for savings account in hopes of saving its own NIM. Recently, several savings products popped up to meet the needs of high yield savers. In this article, we will discuss the feasibility in using such products as an alternative to your usual savings account.

NSF Milestone: ORD! – Finance Report Card and Future Plans

I would have collected my pink IC in the morning when I published this article on 2 July 2021. No doubt, 2 years passed in a blink of an eye. It is time to move on to my next phase of life - University. I am excited to share with you in this article my [...]

5 must have S-REITs in your portfolio and how to invest them

I am heartened to receive such a great response on an article that I published in March where I revealed my portfolio to everyone, sharing my investment strategy and my stock picking rationale. As shared in that article, the only time I held REITs were in 2018 where I bought into Mapletree Logistics Trust and [...]

DBS Q121 Result Analysis – What to do with your shares?

DBS was the first bank to release its results 2 weeks ago and it reported a blowout result where its quarterly net profit crossed $2 billion for the first time despite revenue declining 4% YoY. Many investors wonder whether there is still room for capital appreciation as its shares are up 17% YTD. In this [...]

Ultimate Syfe Review – Is this Robo-Advisor suitable for you?

I wrote an article last year where I shared a guide on how to invest as a beginner. I discussed in that article how a beginner can start investing. As a follow up article, I will explore and evaluate how Syfe could be suitable for you to start investing as a beginner.  Introducing Syfe Syfe [...]

US Domiciled ETFs vs Ireland Domiciled ETFs

It is no doubt that one would gain more returns in investing in Ireland Domiciled ETFs as the dividend withholding tax is 15% compared to the 30% dividend withholding tax if one were to invest in a US Domiciled ETFs. However, as we search for the best and cheapest brokers to try and save on [...]

Syfe Cash+ Review – How does it compare to the rest now?

Syfe Cash+ Review – How does it compare to the rest now?

The banks did it again. In just a few months, several popular savings accounts had their interest rates cut multiple times. For example, Standard Chartered’s Jumpstart account, an account which I have been using since late 2019 had its interest rate cut twice from 2% to 0.4% in months. OCBC 360, OCBC’s flagship savings account [...]

Portfolio Reveal – Peep into the 21 Year Old’s Investment Portfolio

From applying POSB Invest Saver to opening a brokerage account with Maybank Kim Eng at a young age of 18, I realise that I have been in the stock market for more than 3 years. Not knowing my investment style at such a young age, my portfolio has evolved tremendously and I am pleased to reveal my portfolio today!