Best Savings Products in Singapore

Banks have been reducing interest rates for savings account in hopes of saving its own NIM. Recently, several savings products popped up to meet the needs of high yield savers. In this article, we will discuss the feasibility in using such products as an alternative to your usual savings account.

NSF Milestone: ORD! – Finance Report Card and Future Plans

I would have collected my pink IC in the morning when I published this article on 2 July 2021. No doubt, 2 years passed in a blink of an eye. It is time to move on to my next phase of life - University. I am excited to share with you in this article my [...]

Syfe Cash+ Review – How does it compare to the rest now?

Syfe Cash+ Review – How does it compare to the rest now?

The banks did it again. In just a few months, several popular savings accounts had their interest rates cut multiple times. For example, Standard Chartered’s Jumpstart account, an account which I have been using since late 2019 had its interest rate cut twice from 2% to 0.4% in months. OCBC 360, OCBC’s flagship savings account [...]

GIGANTIQ Review – Your Next Best Alternative Savings Plan

I started chasing for yield when I was as young as 16. CIMB FastSaver was the most popular no frill savings account recommended by many. I was happily earning my extra cai png money every month for years until Standard Chartered introduced the Jumpstart account in 2019, offering 2% for the first $20k. Low interest [...]

How to save $10k before ORD

As a NSF myself, I am always interested in reading articles about finances meant for NSF or youth in general. I recently chanced upon an article by The Woke Salaryman. In the article, he shares about the best things one can do for themself during NS. Among what is shared, saving $10k by ORD is [...]

How to Fund Your University Fees in Singapore

Congratulations on completing 12 or 13 years of schooling! For the JC students, you will be taking by far the most important exam in your whole life - A Level, which will decide where you will go in University. As for the Poly students, you should be either stressing out on your Final Year Project [...]

Interview with Frugal Youth Invests by Financially Independent Pharmacist

I am honoured to be interviewed by Financially Independent Pharmacist recently. In this interview, I share about my Personal Finance and Investing journey.

1 Year NSF Milestone – Finance Report Card

In this post, I will share with you everything about Personal Finance, Investments over the past 1 year and an interesting product that offers free Spotify, 2% cashback on all purchases and 10% rebate on essential transactions.

Thoughts about Savings as a teenager

It has been about 3 months since my last post. 2019 is definitely an eventful year for me as I graduated from my course of study in Polytechnic a few weeks ago and I will be enlisting for National Service in 2 months time. I will not be updating my blog often as the purpose [...]