Another Personal Finance and Investing Update

Apologies that I have not been posting any educational post lately. I have been procrastinating after finishing work each day that I did not really set aside time to do any reading or research.  In this post, I will be making a quick update on what happened for the past 2 month since my last [...]

Low Interest Rate Environment – Should You Still Buy Banks?

Ask around investors who recently bought banks - be it DBS, OCBC or UOB. Many would say that they bought Banks because it offers an attractive dividend yield of more than 5% (before dividend cap) in this low interest rate environment. Many complain that REITs, once loved by dividend investors, now offer low dividend yield, [...]

A Quick Update on Personal Finance and Investing

I have been quite inactive for a while. Therefore, I have decided to make a quick update. This article will not be an educational one. It is more of a personal update on finance and investing. Personal Finance - Adjusting Allocation As shared in one of my previous articles, I have a budget allocation that [...]

Banks’ Dividend – Cash or Scrip?

The pandemic has resulted in the majority of the companies in the world to report less revenue and earnings. Banks’ earnings are under pressure this year especially from the fact that The Federal Reserve made the bold move of slashing interest rates to combat the impact of the pandemic to the economy. This resulted in [...]

Post SATS Financial Result Analysis

In the world of investing, there will be a small group of investors who believe in buying beaten down stocks as they see value in them. COVID-19 is an unprecedented event that affected most of the industries and the aviation industry is one of them that is severely impacted by the pandemic.  According to the [...]

Mapletree Commercial Trust and Suntec Reit Analysis – The Battle of Diversified Reit

It's always been in my plan to write an analysis for Mapletree Commercial Trust (MCT) and Suntec Reit (Suntec) when I started this blog in December 2018. However, I was procrastinating and have forgotten about it till now. As both MCT and Suntec have exposure in retail, they are laggard behind other REITs such as [...]

SGX Analysis – Record Profit, What’s Next?

SGX had its ups and downs this year. It rebounded strongly from its March lows of $8.06 to hit a 5 year high of $10.39 in one month. One month later after hitting all time high, it announced that it is reducing its licence agreement with MSCI from February 2021. Both MSCI and SGX will [...]

Lendlease Reit Analysis – Is it really attractive now?

It is almost close to a year after I posted my review for Lendlease Reit. I was really excited about this IPO that I was so eager to write a review as soon as the prospectus was released. READ MORE: Lendlease Global Commercial REIT IPO - The next Mapletree Commercial Trust?  I also read other [...]

Is CapitaLand Mall Trust still the preferred retail REIT over Frasers Centrepoint Trust?

This is another installment of REITs analysis where I analyse the REITs that I have in my watchlist. This is the second time I have analysed CapitaMall Trust (CMT) and Frasers Centrepoint Trust (FCT). You may refer to the previous article over here. In my previous analysis on these two, I favoured CMT due to [...]

Ascendas Reit and Mapletree Industrial Trust Analysis (2020)

In this article, I will be analysing two of the largest Industrial REITS – Ascendas REIT (AREIT) and Mapletree Industrial Reit for the second time. You can refer to the first analysis that was posted in 2019. The format for analysis remains the same.   AREIT did a comparison of all REITS’ Assets under Management [...]